Automattic Strip Cutting Machine KM 1500


KANMAK %100 kendi imalatımız dır.
KANMAK dijital ekranlı dır.
KANMAK devre korumalı sürücü ile çalışmaktadır.
KANMAK ın bıçakları otomatik yağlamalıdır.
KANMAK fabrikasyon hatalarına karşı 2 yıl garantilidir.
KANMAK ‘ın tüm yedek parça ve servis hizmetleri firmamız tarafından verilmektedir.
KANMAK ‘da son derece kaliteli ve standart kesim elde edilir.


Automattic Strip Cutting Machine KM 1500 is produced by our specialist team in our own factory.

The electronic system of our machine is operated by the driver system. The card is not used. The explosion problems that are happening in the cards are no longer affected.

Each of our machines is installed and tested by our expert teams after installation.

The blades of our machine are specially produced from HSS steel.

You will not have any problems with the folded fabrics thanks to the tension bar of our machine.

You can see and fix the speed of your machine on the digital display.

In our machine, you can cut up to 10 cm of 1 cm.

We are exporting our machine to all over the world.

The service and spare parts of our machine are supplied by KANMAK machine.

Our machine is guaranteed for two years against fabrication mistakes.

You never need to intervene during cutting.

Our machine is very comfortable to use.

If you have trouble using the unit, our specialists will tell you how to use it by phone or on the floor. You can get help from our videos on the internet.

Automattic Strip Cutting Machine KM 1500
Our cutting machine is 100% own manufacture.
The use of a digital screen display is very easy.
It works with a safety circuit protected driver.
For us, the blades of our machine are lubricated automatically.
It is guaranteed for 2 years against fabrication faults.
KANMAK’s entire spare parts and service are provided by our company.
KANMAK ‘Automatic Strip Cutting Machine is of high quality and standard cutting is achieved.
KANMAK Cutting up to 10 cm can be done with 1 cm den.
KANMAK Automattic Strip Cutting Machine does not waste fabric, if the fabric on the machine is 2 kg, the weight taken is 2 kg.
KANMAK ‘s blades are specially manufactured from HSS steel and do not require grinding for 6 months to 1 year depending on usage.
KANMAK does not require element intervention during cutting.
KANMAK works with 220 V electricity and 24 W consumption.
KANMAK ‘s performance is equal to the performance of 3 3-blade knives

Apart from Automattic Strip Cutting Machine KM 1500, our company is equipped with bird eye washing machine, accessory washing machine

Carpet overlock machines manufactures fabric cutting tables.

Our products are produced in high quality. Kanmak responds promptly to your orders and makes fast delivery. It does not leave you halfway through experienced staff.

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 162 × 53 × 40 cm



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