Automattic Tube Tape Cutting Machine KM 1700

Km 1700 Automatic Tube Tape Cutting Machine is produced by our expert team in accordance with world standards.

In our tube tape cutting machine you can get standard 3 band cutting.

Depending on demand we can increase the amount of blade.

Thanks to the adjustable blades of our cutting machine you can cut at different sizes at the same time.

Since we use reducers in the setting parts of our tube tape cutting machine, it is very easy to make the fabric adjustment and our most important feature that distinguish us from other brands is to make the adjustment of our machine with the reducer. Thanks to the reducers, you can orient the single hamled fabrics.

In our tube tape cutting machine, you can cut lycra fabrics without any difficulty.

In our tube tape cutting machine, you can cut stitched fabrics without difficulty thanks to our specially produced blades.

After-sales delivery of our machine is made by our expert teams.

The service and spare part of our automatic tube tape cutting machine is covered by our company.

The blades of our machine are specially produced from SPK steel.

The working part is hard chrome plated.

Our machine is painted in the furnace.

The knife bar of our machine is steel.

Our machine is guaranteed for two years except for the mistakes in fabrication (blades).


Ideal solution for cutting from tube fabric.

Standard 3 band cuts (can be increased on request).

With adjustable blades, cut at different sizes at the same time.

High cutting capacity without firing.

Adjustment of the desired diameter in the winding of nin yarn.

Automatic stop when the desired winding diameter is reached.

Minimum space loss due to 1 m2 area covered.

The desired direction of movement through the wheels.

Speed ​​control.

Low electricity consumption.

Easy maintenance

Usage fields are the ones that make cuts of the textile, the penile and the underwear.