We started with Bayram Kan  in 1980 and we always produce the best quality and functional products with our.

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Our aim is always to improve the quality of production, to be with you with functional and practical products.

Ever since we started to work with these goals, we have always been trying to produce the best for you. When we look at our production history, we will always be proud and honored with the products offered to you with the condition of keeping your satisfaction on the front.

With our business ethics and quality, our customers have increased every year and we have come to these days with the confidence that we have heard.

With our ever-growing experience, we have increased our targets in 2006 and we have completed all preparations to produce at world standards. When we go out in the direction of our customers’ wishes, our moral production principles, our experience, our quality and our esteemed friends are always safe.

The investments and efforts we made gave us fruit and we were able to produce our first electric hammer machine. In our first production, we have doubled our confidence and this has encouraged us to move towards larger targets.

Since 2007 we have increased our product range with our aim of more variety production and we are starting to produce motorized clamps, mobile electric presses, cutting machines and needle cutting machines.

When we arrived in 2008, we are now more proud of our valued customers who are confident in our product range. Our current product portfolio was to add a range of manual presses, arm-pulsed presses, plunger hand presses, dial-up presses and fabric cutting machines.

KANMAK brand has been known internationally, we have become a well-known and trusted company. This has led us to reach out to more customers and to produce new products that we can be proud of with our brand. In the following years we were proud to put many machines into our inventory, such as automatic accessory shoemaking machines, riveting machines and pearl lashing machines.

As KANMAK, we are proud to offer quality products to you with our experience spreading over the years, our honest working principles and quality principles that we have not compromised.

We would like to point out that we will not compromise our ability to always bring the best of the best with the honorable and ethical work to bring the KANMAK brand among the best and always produce the best.

We are obliged to work with our own power to keep the happiness and happiness we have experienced from benefiting you with our products in the same way for you.

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From our small steps in our establishment, to today’s strong exports and to our impeccable production position, the values ​​we have held up are the treasures that made us. Briefly speaking, these values:

Better Production: We have been one of the leading companies in the industry with 30 years of experience and the breathtaking blessings of technology. We mobilize all of our material and spiritual gifted in our inventory to give better value to our valued customers.

Quality Product / Fast Delivery: The quality of our services, machines and workmanship is more than just simple concepts for us … These are the indispensable criteria that we owe to ourselves and to you. We are shaking hands, your product is our only goal, until the product reaches you and throughout the time you use. For this reason, KANMAK is paying attention to product quality and fast delivery …

Quality Fast Online Sales / Instant Shipping: It can not catch the age, it disappears in the presence of it … We are well aware of the requirements of the age as KANMAK. In order to give you the best service, we also carried our quality and speed to the internet environment. Online order is available at your disposal with our online sales service, with cargo dispatched without any delay.

“KANMAK … Quality and fast service, international quality level, at your command …”

All the spare parts you need are produced in our company KANMAK MACHINE. We respond quickly to your parts requests.

As Kanmak Makina we offer high quality production fast and perfect service. Quality service understanding with our experienced team! With the KANMAK difference

We provide fast service for your broken machines at Kanmak Machine. We work hard to provide service without disrupting your work.