Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

Standard Model Top Fabric Binding Cutting Machine

Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

General Features and Functions

Cutting feature from 0 to 220 cm
LCD Touch screen
Automatic sharpening
Automatic shutdown at end of work
Multi-feature in one product
Zero error breaking feature
Max Blade motor speed adjustment between 0-1400 min
Fabric, size, cutting motors 0-300 min speed adjustment with reducer
Sharpening motor 0-300 min
400 mm diameter blade
Fault indication feature
Speed ​​adjustment feature on all engines

It is a machine suitable for high capacity cuts for fast cutting of top fabrics.

Blades with Wide Cutting Diameter

Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

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1 mounting element is assigned by KANMAK MACHINE.

You must notify your installation request at least 1 week in advance.

Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

The intercity transportation expenses in domestic assemblies belong to KANMAK MAKINA, and the expenses of accommodation and transfers between the hotel – business – hotel are owned by the BUYER company.

Min. Supply of forklifts with a capacity of 1.5 tons belongs to the receiving company.

During the assembly period, in order to help the assembly personnel;

1 mechanical / 1 electrical personnel should be assigned by the PURCHASER company.

In addition, 1 construction worker should be procured if necessary.

Installation time max. 1 day.

For the use of our installers, an office should be allocated if possible.

Before your installation request; the machine should be placed at the installation site, but the package must not be opened. Opened packages and contents are not covered by the warranty.

The electrical installation up to the inside of the panel and the supply of the related materials belong to the receiving company.

The supply of the air line up to the main conditioner inlet and the related materials belongs to the receiving company.

The construction of the necessary construction procedures belongs to the buyer.

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The warranty period is 12 months against manufacturing defects. This period starts on the day of commissioning / trial production of the machine. If the buyer delays the installation due to various reasons, the warranty period extends up to 15 months from the date of manufacture.

During the warranty period, the need for spare parts due to manufacturing defects is free.

The warranty of the consumables is covered by the warranty of their respective manufacturers.

After the expiry of the warranty period, the service is provided but the travel and accommodation expenses of the requested service person and the daily working fee and the material expenses to be used belong to the receiving company. The wage is determined according to the values ​​at that time.


Partial packaging is made with cardboard, foam and strech film materials to prevent abrasion during transportation.


Shipping and insurance belongs to the BUYER.

Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

60 business days following order confirmation and advance payment.

This period does not include delays due to imported materials and delays due to natural disasters.

Fast service

Kanmak Assurance

Possibility of installment up to 12 months for all cards

Automatic Fabric Slitting Machine Standard model KM 1800

Automatic Fabric Slicing Machine Standard model KM 1800