Automatic Ornamental Trop Machine KM 6600

KanmaK Machine Model Type KM 6600

The four-legged ornamental tropic machine features a laser light-triggered function that shows the pivoting point on all kinds of fabric, leather, belt, cardboard, women’s wear, lingerie accessories, children’s wear, bag shoes, hats and other accessories.

Four legged ornamental tropping machine

– Capacity min. 60-80 d.

– 4.5 bar Works with air pressure

– trop fittings 3 mm – up to 8,5 mm

– Working Volya 220 volts

– Weight 40 kg.

The machine is our own manufacture.

It is guaranteed.

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It is sent to all over the Turkic and the World.

Long life

Automatic Ornamental Trop Machine KM 6600

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