Rivet Fastening Machine KM400P

Kanmak Makina KM 400 P Model electric rivet works with 220 volt electricity. Electronically controlled control system is available. The machine works with pressing technique. Snap fasteners placed on the upper and lower hopper of the workpiece are pressed by means of pedal and press force of the machine.

KM 400 P rivet driving machine is completely domestic production. In terms of functionality, our KM 400P is guaranteed for two years against fabrication errors. The working system of our machine works with shocking.

The body is made of cast iron. The coil used in the coil is copper wire and 2 kg. The shaft system is stainless. The bushing system consists of the red bushing used in the starter motor of the vehicles. This bushing system is self-lubricating

As Kanmak Makina, these are our biggest differences from other competitors.

You can change the hit power from the electronic card of our machine according to your accessory. Our machine is suitable for all riveting works used in textile. It can also be used in eyelet fastening works by changing molds. Rivet fastening to trousers rivet fastening on all kinds of fabric canvas-like materials or button fastening for garment products knitting fastening for children’s garments all kinds of leather belt shoe-like manufacturing trop fastening trop ornaments fastening trouser hook or all kinds of hook fastening skirt hook and all other accessories for fastening works can be used with suitable mold selections.

Made of leather and thick materials suitable for use in automotive sectors in shoes bags bags leather belt hat tarpaulin advertising in car covers.

Rivet Fastening Machine KM400P

According to these sectors can be adjusted to use thanks to the appropriate molds to be made. Boat Hook-Drilling And Cutting Works Can Be Made With Special Molds

Riveting Machine Kanmak Machine KM 400 P


Monophase (220V) works with electricity. – EIGHT THOUSAND daily – TEN THOUSAND strokes.
The maximum number of hits per 1 second. – It is a very serial machine.
Body casting. – Coil copper. – Foot profile. – Cooling system.
The spindle can hit 1300 kg per square meter.
The sensor is optionally mounted to prevent laser marking and hand pressure.
The impact power is set in digits from the electronic board (0-99).

-Electronic card of our machine has a counter, it counts the number of pieces it prints.

Kanmak Machinery KM 400 P
– Drilling can do.Kanmak Machine Accessory Fastening Machines manufacturing

Rivet Fastening Machine KM400P

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